I will be adding info and updates on my adventure in home machining and converting my Shoptask to be a CNC machine center
This site was started back in 2000. It is now many years later and my CNC experience has grown. I now own a Haas VF2 mill, SL20 lathe with live tooling, Universal laser, Bridgeport series II mill, a Sherline 2000 mill, Sherline 4000 lathe, Taig 2019CR mill, Proxxon MF-70 mill, and the Shoptask. All are CNC. I have also started a business selling USA upgrade accessories for table top machines as well as selling CNC hardware, software and Taig machines to the CNC hobbyist.
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Taig, Sherline, Turnkey controllers, Motors, Carbon Plate Material, Radio Control Electric Planes, Heli, Accessories
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Getting it home
Home brewed Ball Screw conversion
CNC Conversion Details
Collection of Shoptask tips
Parallel Port Hookup to Controller
Setting Backlash Compensation
My First Item Made Using EMC on Linux
Stepper Contoller Details
Picture of my Machine Setup
Thermal shutdown for your controller
Links collected from the CAD_CAM_EDM_DRO mailing list
Pictures of Dan Mauch's Linear Encoder mount system
EMC Installation Instructions compiled from many sources(this is for an old version when the guys at NIST used to put out valid builds)
Calculate Steps/In for setting up your stepper software
Info and pictures of the manual pendent I was building
Info and QBasic core code to read the Kulaga/Mauch DRO card
Picture of the Shoptask Quadralift under the covers
Picture of the inside of the Geckodrive G320 Step and Direction Servo Drive
Picture of the Camtronics case for Geckodrive G320/G340 Step and Direction Servo Drive
Picture of my new toy Bridgett, my Bridgeport Series II CNC
Another E-bay steal finds a home in my shop Gretta, the surface grinder
Gecko G320 wiring how to diagram by Donald Brock
My new toy Bridgett the Bridgeport arrives
My EMC Computer Minimum Suggestions
Pictures of the new wire EDM Camtronics is selling plans for
Pictures of the new heatsink for Gecko drives Camtronics is selling
One way to determine the voltage for your steppers This was written by Mariss of Gecko Drives

Helpful sites
Frequently Asked Questions CAD_CAM_EDM_DRO mailing list FAQ web pages
CAD_CAM_EDM_DRO Mailing List This mailing list is full of advise and experience
Parallel Port primer
Camtronics Maker of a stepper motor controller I have use
Gecko Drives Maker of stepper motor and servo motor controllers I have use
Xylotex Maker of a stepper motor controller I have use
McMaster Carr Supplier of the ball screw stock
Mach2/3 Control CNC A windows 2000/XP based stepper control program. We sell licenses for this at a discount.
CNC Retofits A great collection of links to CNC info and suppliers
Discriminator CNC Editor This is a great shareware program that includes a 3-D viewer
Sescom  Source for enclosures and cases (courtesy of Dan at Camtronics)
Encoders Article from Modern Machine Shop covering Encoder Basics
Home Brewed DRO This is Tom Kulaga's site with his DRO+ software and plans. We only host the info and can not tell you any more about it.
Motor Reference and tutorial This is Alex's Electronic Test Bench and has great reference stuff
Jones on Steppers A tutorial covers the basic principles of stepping motors & stepper motor controls
Geckodrive Stepper Microstep Driver and an Amazing Step and Direction Servo Drive. Very Affordable

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